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Bunions are bony lumps at the base of the big toe that make walking uncomfortable, and if they press against the side of your shoe, they may become sore or callused. If bunions are causing you problems, talk to Valerie Valdivieso-Diaz, DPM, of Pacific Podiatry. Dr. Valdivieso-Diaz has considerable experience and professional expertise in bunion treatment and has helped many people relieve the discomfort bunions cause. Call the Miami clinic or book an appointment online today.

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What is a bunion?

There’s a joint at the base of the big toe that sometimes puts pressure onto the metatarsal bone that lies behind it. Pressure is more likely to occur if your big toe angles towards your other toes rather than pointing forward. The joint is at the widest part of the ball of your foot and allows your toe to bend when you walk.

Over time, the effect of your body weight continually pressing on this joint causes it to spread and push on the bone behind it, causing the bony lump known as a bunion. You may be more likely to develop a bunion if:

  • They run in your family
  • Your foot structure is poor
  • You have arthritis in your feet
  • Your legs are different lengths

Women get bunions more often than men due to wearing high heels that force foot bones into unnatural positions.

Do I need to see a doctor about my bunion?

You might not think you need to see a doctor in the early stages. When they first form, bunions may not be too painful, just unsightly, or uncomfortable when you’re wearing shoes. Over time they can become inflamed, and the skin may go red, shiny, and tight. Bunions can become painful to touch and hurt when you walk and may start to hurt all the time if left untreated.

It’s best to consult with experienced podiatrist Dr. Valdivieso-Diaz, who specializes in treating bunions and other foot problems. The earlier you seek treatment for your bunion, the less pain you’ll feel and the easier it is to address the problem. Although the symptoms of bunions make self-diagnosis seem straightforward, it could be that there is another cause for your pain, such as bursitis or a bone spur, which Dr. Valdivieso can diagnose and treat for you.

What treatments are available for bunions?

The bunion treatments Dr. Valdivieso-Diaz uses are designed to improve your bunion without any unnecessary interventions. Treatment options for bunions include:

  • Custom shoes or orthotics
  • Padding or splinting
  • Taping the foot into a normal position
  • Cortisone injections
  • Pain relieving and anti-inflammatory medications
  • Using ice packs

If your bunion’s still causing severe problems after trying these simple first-line treatments, Dr. Valdivieso-Diaz may recommend surgery. Various operations are available to alleviate bunion symptoms, and she discusses the options with each patient at their appointment so they have a clear idea of what’s involved. If bunions are causing you problems, call Pacific Podiatry today or book an appointment online.











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